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Since 1939, Komiyama Book Store has succeeded to its tradition of selling varieties of vintage books and art works in the town of Jimbocho, central Tokyo. Jimbocho is known as a Mecca for all the fans of books and art, especially vintage goods. Here, for over the 70 years, our store has dealt in many kinds of merchandize from vintage books of photos, paintings, contemporary art, Tokyo subculture, music, movies, literature, philosophy, folklore, history, Edo-Tokyo culture, to some original photo prints, ukiyoe prints (Japanese woodblock prints), paintings, and so on. We are now looking for new opportunities of expanding our customers not only in Japan but outside our country.
We are open everyday of the year, so please drop in at Jimbocho and Komiyama Book Store by all means when you travel to Tokyo. We are looking forward to meeting customers from all over the sea.

Komiyama Book Store
1-7 Kanda Jimbocho Chiyoda-ku Tokyo Japan

For the Customers Abroad
International Shipping is Available!

Ways of Sending

EMS, SAL, and Shipping by sea are available.

The charge and the days to take are determined by the size, weight, and the price of each items. It also depends on the area of the destinations. Please ask about the detail.

There are some cases we cannot send to the certain areas.
We also have some items which are unavailable of international shipping.

Ways of Paying

Paying is available through our Mizuho Bank account or Paypal or credit card.

The fee of Mizuho Bank paying is NOT included in the price.
Please ask by Email how much the fee costs.

Way of Ordering

We accept your order by credit card or E-mail
Credit card:
Please proceed with the following steps.

① Filled in required information with your shopping cart
② Choose " credit card "
③ After sending your order to us, we will check our stocks and send a confirmation mail with total price includes shipping fee.
④ We’ll announce a link for the payment of credit card page is attached to the confirmation mail, so please click the link and proceed to your payment.
⑤After your payment is done duly, we'll ship your order to specified address.

Komiyama Book Store

1-7 Kanda Jimbocho Chiyoda-ku Tokyo Japan