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タイトル Keith Haring
著者/作家 キース・ヘリング
出版社 Tony Shafrazi gallery
発行年 1983年
基本情報 1冊 限定5000 部 第2版(限定5000部) 英語
状態 表紙裏表紙少ヨゴレ・キズ有 裏表紙少ヤブレ有 
Title Keith Haring
Author/Artist Keith Haring
Publisher Tony Shafrazi gallery
Year 1983
Details Limited Edition of 5000Copies. The Second Edition (limited Edition of 5000 copies). English.
Cover and Back cover Slightly Soiled and Scratched. Back cover Slightly Torn..
Keith Haring, an artist who pioneered the street art scene along with Basquiat, and Andy Warhol, made numerous "Subway Drawings" in the early 80s.   This is the catalogue of his gallery debut with his one man show at Tony Schafrazi gallery in New York in 1982.  The first edition of catalogue is limited to 2000 copies, and the second edition is to 5000 copies.